• Education sector in India is poised at a vital stage of growth. More so because of young population with lower GER’s coupled with increasing interest by entrepreneurs and private equity players on account of cash flow stability, recession proof nature of sector and substantial government reforms. Acquisory has played a pivotal role in assisting organizations in optimizing their entry and expansion strategies, helping with acquisition along with complete transaction support and IT enablement services

    Business Planning
    Acquisory has developed a framework for working with business owners to improve business performance, whether the company be experiencing rapid growth or operating in a limited growth environment, Acquisory prepares a concise and practical plan that encompasses the long term strategy initiatives of the business as well the immediate short term tasks and actions.

    Growth Strategy
    An effective Business plan is imperative to ensuring the maximum value of a business can be obtained at the time of execution. It is a facilitated process through which Acquisory takes business owners, to establish the optimal progression and transition strategy

    Fund Raising Support
    We assist companies in raising private equity, whether it be for start-ups or expanding businesses. We use our broad network of clients and advisors to align investment opportunities with clients to ensure a close fit between the investor and the investment itself. 

    Business Valuation
    We provide current business valuations for business owners and we can quantify how you can increase the value of your business. The Business Valuation is the cornerstone of the preparation of the sale or transition of any business.

    M&A Advisory Support
    We will deliver the right solution for your business acquisition, merger or sale. Our team will manage the entire process, ranging from strategy determination, potential acquirers identification or acquisitions targets and providing guidance on business valuations, through to managing the due diligence process, structuring the transaction and negotiating the deal to deliver the optimal outcome.

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