Asset Management

Asset Management

We strive to provide unbiased strategic advise to enhance and optimize investor value

Our Asset Management services are our solutions to support our private equity clients in meeting their objectives of maximizing returns. Our services have been designed to address the challenges being faced by investors in managing the operational, strategic and financial aspects of their investee companies, as the investors are not able to get the right management information in time and are concerned about fraud, misappropriation or misconduct in their investee companies.

We currently have more over €300 Million of Asset under Management (AUM)

Asset Management Services-Acquisory


  • We ensure that an unbiased, outsider perspective is brought into asset management
  • Ensure that Investors interests are optimized without jeopardizing the relations between the investors and the investees
  • No commercial relationship with the investee companies without express approval of investors
  • We ensure dedicated teams for each portfolio with Chinese walls.


Capability Statement

Asset Management Service Capability Statement
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